November & December Tournaments

Paul Zhou advanced to the octafinals in LD of the Apple Valley Minneapple tournament, thus completing his qualification to the Tournament of Champions.

Adam Hoffman was LD co-champion of the Hendrick Hudson Malcolm A Bump Invitational, thus completing his qualification for the Tournament of Champions.

Arjun Krishnan and Katie Fraser were in the Policy quarterfinals of the Glenbrooks tournament, completing their TOC qual; while Jerry Chen and Adam Hoffman each made the octafinals in LD.

Akshay Daftardar and Ryan Zhang were in Varsity Policy finals of the Ridge tournament, Preetham Chippada was in quarterfinals of Varsity LD,  and Erica Cagliero and Linnea Warburton were in octafinals in Novice LD, Ike Rosen and Daniel Kim were in octafinals of Public Forum, and Ashvin Antony, Justin Kim, Lali Devadas, Michelle Chong, Zach Steigerwald-Schnall, and Matthew Liu together closed out the Novice Policy division, winning 3 of the 4 semifinal spots and closing out the final.

Emily McMahan and Vishruth Reddy were in the double-octafinals of the Blake John Edie Holiday Classic in Varsity Policy, while Adam Hoffman made quarterfinals and Preetham Chipppada double-octafinals in Varsity LD.

Congrats to all!

Bronx & St. Mark’s Success!

The Lexington Debate Team continued their strong start in October. Last weekend the team competed at the New York City Invitational at the Bronx High School of Science and the St. Mark’s Heart of Texas Invitational in Dallas.

At the Bronx tournament, seniors David Atkins and Sam Flaster earned their first TOC bid in Public Forum and made it to the Semifinals of the tournament placing in the top 4 of 120 teams. The team of Susan Wang and Lisa Lee were in the top 16 in Public Forum and also earned a bid to the Tournament of Champions. In Lincoln Douglas, Paul Zhou made it to the top 16 earning his first bid to the Tournament of Champions. Additionally, the policy debate team saw seniors Emily McMahan and Vish Reddy in the quarter finals and their junior counterparts Alex Lee, Julia Stiegerwald-Schnall, Zaki Atia and Akshay Daftardar in the top 16. The team’s overall performance at Bronx was strong enough to earn a 4th place overall showing, despite Lexington not having any speech entries.

Meanwhile in Dallas the Junior-Junior team of Katie Fraser and Arjun Krishnan represented Lexington in the quarter finals of the St. Mark’s tournament and earned their first bid to the Tournament of Champions.

It’s been a great start to the year so far, we hope to keep it up in November. This coming weekend our crop of new debaters will start their year at Brighton High School and the Manchester- Essex Tim Averill Invitational. Go Lex!

Early season success

LHS debaters went to 5 tournaments in September, opening the season with some great showings.    Jerry Chen won the Vassar Round Robin, an invitation-only tournament with 24 selected debaters from across the country.  Jerry was also the 3rd best speaker overall.  At the Yale tournament, we cleared 3/4 debaters to JV LD elims (Dan Alessandro, Keya You and Preetham Chippadda), 2/5 teams to Policy elims (Stephen Hess & Chris Lee and Ryan Zhang & Timmy Lee), and 4/5 debaters to Varsity LD elims (Brianna Lavelle, Jamie Fonarev, Jerry Chen and Adam Hoffman).  Stephen & Chris then advanced further to semis (top 4), Jerry advanced to octos (top 16), Preetham advanced to finals (top 2), and Adam Hoffman won the Varsity LD tournament outright, earning his first bid to the TOC along the way.  Lexington placed 7th overall out of 172 schools from across the country, which is especially rare given that LHS had entries in only 4 of 11 divisions across the tournament.     Then, the following weekend, policy debaters Emily McMahan and Vishruth Reddy advanced to quarterfinals at the Georgetown Tournament, earning their first bid to the TOC as well.

Our upcoming tournaments in October include a novice-only tournament at Sacred Heart in Kingston, MA on 10/13, the Bronx New York Invitational and St Marks Heart of Texas Invitational on 10/20 weekend, and then Manchester’s Tim Averill Invitational on 10/27 weekend.